Sri Moksha Yoga


Sri Moksha Yoga


The best way to achieve the state of blissfulness is certainly YOGA! Yoga is not just a word; it is not just a practice; indeed it is an emotion, it is a way of living.


The Grand Alova, Rishikesh takes care of every moment and this is the reason that with the name, "Sri Moksha" we have our yoga hall in the hotel at the last floor, 6th floor of The Grand Alova. The hall is located on the top floor as the view witnesses from there is really incredible which will further help you in concentrate better for the divine practice of yoga.


Yogi Ji Yogendra Mishra

One can take the benefit of Morning & Evening Yoga Classes at the hotel which is conducted by Yogi Ji Yogendra Mishra! We are really blessed to be a part of his yoga classes. With having an expertise of 35 years; he successfully managed to achieve a great name in the field of yoga. Presently he is very talented and well-professional yoga teacher, philosopher and meditation & pranayama master. The very big and renowned accomplishments of Mishra Ji is the establishment of his own International Yoga & Meditation Academy where he acts as an advisor for many institutions around the world. More than this, he often receives a number of invitations from International Yoga Centres with special requests for lectures and teacher training. Yogendra Mishra Ji has an immense knowledge and experience of yoga and meditation which he acquired through many years of deep education and practices. He spent many years of his life meditating in the Himalayas. His hard work and profound knowledge make him a respected Yog Guru.



Many yoga centres and schools have established by Yogendra Mishra all around the globe with the simple yet beautiful aim of sharing the divine knowledge and wisdom of yoga with the people. According to Yogi Mishra, "Yoga is not a business. For me, Yoga is sadhana, Yoga is union with the God", he further says "I don’t want to earn money from Yoga Classes. I want to help people out there connect with the supreme power. I am a medium. I have the skill that I want to transmit to thousands of people who are seeking a way to unite with the Almighty.” Yogi Mishra has decided to donate all the funds generated from his yoga classes to the charitable trusts.


Moving forward to the education of Yogi Yogendra Mishra, he has done Masters in Philosophy from Agra University, B.P.Ed. (Physical Education) from Amaravati University and D.Y.Ed. (Yoga Education) from Kaivalyadham Institute for Science and Philosophical Research. He is a certified Yoga Teacher from University Grants Commission (UGC). After the several years of his yoga & meditation practice on the Himalayas, he moved to the city of Rishikesh following the footsteps of Swami Sivananda and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He greatly invested his valuable time, deep efforts and strong capacity to establish Rishikesh as the Capital of Yoga.

Yoga Facilities

  • Yogic food daily
  • Herbal Tea daily
  • Walking Distance to Ganges River
  • Cleansing process materials
  • Course books
  • Bhagwad Gita
  • Sightseeing to a nearby location
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga T-shirt
  • Rudraksha Mala
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Certificate

The Grand Alova is really very fortunate to conduct a yoga class of such a renowned yoga guru!

Experience our yoga class and meet Yogi Ji to find the answer of your questions related to the truth of life or meaning of life!