While staying in a hotel; one also seeks for a yummy fresh food! In the heart of The Grand Alova, we have our two restaurants namely, Anandam & Bukhara serving mouthwatering hygienic & fresh food that you'll love for sure. Besides a yummy taste, we make hygiene our prime priority and so whatever ingredients are used in making the food are completely pure and fresh.

Decorated with plush hanging lights, hanging plants, upholstered seating and glass windows witnessing the picturesque views make the interior as captivating as an outdoor portion of the restaurant and hotel. Anandham and Bukhara are on the Ground Floor and Top Floor respectively of the hotel. Your desire for delicious dining with a luxurious comfort will definitely be fulfilled at Anandam and Bukhara while tantalizing your taste buds!



restaurant We choose to offer you a kind of gourmet experience! Anandam at the first floor of the hotel is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers buffet options for meals, i.e., breakfast, lunch & dinner! You'll get a sumptuous treat of a melange of Indian and Continental cuisines and beverages at Anandam. The pure vegetarian restaurant of Anandam is the best place to indulge in an yummy dining. Anandam means Happiness! and this is what you get after eating the delicious food of the restaurant. The divine and palatable cuisines give you a splendid experience to treasure! Enjoy the delectable range of meals at ANANDAM.

  • Offering – Multi-Cuisine
  • Type of Meals –Pure Vegetarian

Bukhara : An Indian Speciality Restaurant


restaurant At the top floor of The Grand Alova; prepare yourself to get the pleasant experience of the dining along with the beautiful view of the river and the mountains! Undoubtedly, food becomes more enjoying when the surroundings are congenial and we occupied the top floor of the hotel with an amazing restaurant, decorated elegantly. The transparent windows of the restaurant, "Bukhara" let you enjoy the charming view of the surroundings. Decorated amazingly with low lights and marble & wood finishing; Bukhara is certainly the grace of our hotel. From decor to menu and meal presentation; everything is at the best in Bukhara.

Talking about the food at Bukhara; it promises to offer an India Cuisine of the best and hygienic quality. From the food to the desserts, everything is at the top quality here.

  • Offering – Indian Speciality