Moksha Spa

Moksha Spa at The Grand Alova, Rishikesh


A Way to Rejuvenate your Body from Head to Toe..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One should surely want a relaxing spa therapy that will vanish the tiredness of the whole day. At our hotel in Rishikesh, "The Grand Alova"; we take care of this need of our guests and so offer an exclusive service of Spa that will make your stay and vacation more relaxed and wonderful.

Moreover, thinking about your cool pics and memories; we have a wonderful service of Beauty Spa at our hotel!

If you ever fantasy of relaxing in the spa, but having many kinds of weird questions, no need to worry at all!! A spa is for relaxation and not for anxiety. So don't be nervous and take the privilege of this service at The Grand Alova. Our massage therapists are experts in their field, very polite and humble.


You can take this service anytime, arriving at a hotel and after getting settled into your room, according to your convenience. If you want a quiet, relaxing, well-designed environment or when you go for a sleep with low light, pleasant aroma, and soothing music. Our Spa is full of all the luxurious equipment sauna and steam cabinets that will help you to spend more time in relaxation. We use the luxurious brand of Spa products like herbal products and essential oils.


Talking about the interior of the Spa, the style and the decor of spa gives a good relaxing feeling, besides we have designed our spa with peculiar fitness style to rest and relax with the appealing aroma. Before coming to the hotel you can inquire about the spa and its facilities and can book your appointment on the phone or by writing an email to us for your convenience. Speak to the spa Concierge if it will be your first spa visit. Our concierge will answer all your questions related to the spa treatment and will suggest you accordingly. While speaking to our concierge you will know a lot about our Spa.


The most popular Spa treatments are body treatments massage, facials, manicures, and pedicures. A message will make your blood circulation good and rejuvenate your body from head to toe. Our Spa concierge will ask you about your preference for male or female therapist and if you will not mention your preference, you will be booked with anyone. So it is good to tell your preference.

You can book the special room with Spa packages and we are sure it’s up to your level of expectation.

So, take the complete privilege of Spa Service while staying at The Grand Alova, Rishikesh!